Our Vision

Empowering and Educating the Youth of Mzansi

Our Mission

To create an environment supportive of learning and empowering of
individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds through the delivery and
provision of specialised support and training that is:

  • Innovative in the manner in which we think
  • Practical in its application
  • Developmental to the learner’s skills and knowledge base
  • Relevant to the current industry and environment
  • Proactive in addressing a need, and
  • Partnering with communities

Our Values

  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Putting others before ourselves
  • Unleashing potential within our youth
  • Respecting all persons
  • A spirit of humbleness

Our Objectives

Aspire Learnership Foundations objectives are as follows:

  • Provide financially disadvantaged post-matriculants with basic Call Centre training
  • Provide necessary skills in order for the learners to become employable and to make a meaningful contribution to the socio-economic environment of this country.
  • Partner with various industry experts in order to expand on the bouquet of courses
  • Create a paradigm shift for all learners to aspire to greater heights.

What are our goals?

We aim to reshape the learners thinking about themselves, their dreams, their lives and their communities.  We aim to influence the learners to be responsible future leaders of this country.
We will inspire the learners to be the catalyst of change within their communities.